A Foundation of Small Stones

And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

Doctrine and Covenants 64:33

In the fall of 1978, I walked through the Sacred Grove with my brother. He had just completed his mission in Rochester New York, and my family had driven from California to the East Coast to pick him up. He was our family’s first missionary, and a hero in my 12-year old eyes.

As we walked, he recited from memory Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision. As he talked in that holy place where God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to a boy not much older than me, I had my first identifiable experience with the Holy Ghost. There was no light. No personages appeared. There was no voice telling me that all junior high schools were an abomination and I should join none of them. But what I felt, I felt, and that small moment became the first small stone in my foundation of faith.

Sometimes we think of a testimony as a momentous confirmation of Truth on the road to Damascus, and as a result we overlook the multitude of smaller, quieter confirmations that God is real, and we are real to Him. Testimonies rarely come from shouts of heavenly hosts; more often, they develop from whispers of the Spirit that are easy to miss.

These small experiences–the moment a talk or lesson touches your heart, a feeling during a family member’s baptism or a child’s blessing, the unexpected but desperately needed ministration of an earthly angel–are the tiny stones that make up the foundation of our faith and testimony. Each needs to be treasured and remembered, because taken together they can transform us.

A testimony then, for some people, may come through a single and irrefutable event. But for others, it may come through a process of experiences that, perhaps not as remarkable but when combined, testify in an indisputable way that what we have learned and lived is true.

Carlos A. Godoy
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